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Google + hangouts.

I have friends all over the country, I’m odd like that. But the problem is, how do I stay in contact with them? How can I talk to them? There is of course Skype, which a lot of us have, but if you want more than one person in a Skype video call, you must […]

Review: Jewelfones.

Sorry this is a bit late, I meant to post earlier on this week, but I forgot (sorry!). But it’s here now.   Jewelfones are headphones for girls, they have beads and things on them to make them look nicer. I’ve never really liked headphones, always being self conscious. But these are really pretty, I […]

Review: HTC One X.

Hey guys So, until this Friday I have a HTC One X. A slim, white smart phone. I have to review it, and I thought it would be the perfect first review for “Tech Toys”. The set up was really simple, offering to set up my Google, drop box and other things. I quickly had it […]

Starting up: Domain names, hosting and name servers

Hey guys, I’m going to do a series of posts about what I’ve learnt while making this site…first I’m gonna tell you a bit about domain names.   A domain name is the name for your site, so for this one it’s “”. You have to buy these, or if you set up with something […]

Welcome to “”.

A new site…eeek!   “Welcome to” That’s what I’ve been typing for the last day, boring, but necceresry. A lot of what I had to do, just to get the theme up and runnning was just that… Making this website was quite easy, espesailly as I had help form some wonderful parents. This “Update!” […]